Aponic Exam 1 Spring 2008

Aponic Exam 1 Spring 2008 - Important: Fill your answers in...

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Important: Fill your answers in on the answer sheet (last 2 pages). This is the only sheet that will be graded. CHM 2210 Section 4928 Organic Chemistry I Prof. Aponick, Spring 2008 Exam 1A February 5, 2009 Name: UFID#: This exam contains the title page, 9 questions, 4 scratch pages, and an answer sheet. Write your name on both sides of the answer sheet. Write all final answers on the answer sheet to be handed in. You may keep the rest of the exam. Sign the Honor Code certification at the top of the answer sheet. The exam is closed notes and closed books. Calculators and molecular models are not allowed. Turn off cell phones and store them for the duration of the exam. The exam will be collected at 11:30 without exception. Place your student id on your desk for checking during the exam. Your exam will be copied or scanned for record. Take your time, draw out the things you need to visualize your structures properly, do the questions that you find easiest first, be neat, and don’t leave anything blank.
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2 1. (10 pts) For the following compound, write the names of the functional groups indicated. (Hint: Don’t be confused by the complicated structure. Writing out the groups separately will help.) 2. (10 pts) In the molecule above, determine the hybridization of the carbon atoms indicated and answer y/n for 2d.
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Aponic Exam 1 Spring 2008 - Important: Fill your answers in...

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