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If GDP is $5 trillion, this implies that d. B and C are correct. Which of the following would not be included in the calculation of GDP? c. Sandy, who is on welfare, receives $100 in food stamps. If in 2000 the CPI was 103 and your salary was $30,000 and today the CPI is 106 and your salary is $36,000. About how much did your real salary change over the period? d. increased by 16.6%. A Fed sale of bonds will cause a reduction in the interest rate and an increase in the equilibrium quantity of money b. False. Fiscal policy a. uses the federal government’s powers of spending and taxation to affect employment, and GDP. If the long-run aggregate supply curve is vertical, the multiplier effect of a change in spending on aggregate output in the long run: c. is zero. The type of unemployment that arises during recessions is known as b. cyclical unemployment . If a nation's interest rates are relatively high compared to those of other countries, then the
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