DRAM 115 Exam 2 Notes

DRAM 115 Exam 2 Notes - Absurd Anti-Naturalism Aristotle /...

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Absurd 1. Camus wrote essay called The Myth of Sisyphus , calling Sisyphus an absurd hero 2. Traditional vs. Absurdism 3. The word absurd in this context does not mean "logically impossible," but rather "humanly impossible" 4. comes from music, means out of harmony, inharmonious relationships between man and man, man and environment, man and divine Anti-Naturalism Anti-Naturalist Styles: 1. Expressionism/Supernaturalism [Strindberg] - first revolt against naturalism in the theatre 2. Comedy of Manners [Wilde]- superficial naturalism 3. Epic or Dialectical Theatre [Brecht] 4. MIMESIS = "imitation' 5. Strindberg - Expressionism Expressionism/Anti-Naturalism -turn reality inside out -theatricality over illusionism -example- The Wall- scene of seeing a student's daydream -interior perspectives of the characters -subject truth over objective fact as the focus -more freedom than naturalism -real truth beyond conventional surfaces -example-painting of The Scream o Emotional tension o High anxiety- swirling of clouds, colors, angle of bridge -example- Starry Night- Van Gogh's painting o Stars- large swirling comet o Complete change and motion Aristotle / Aristotelian Drama 1. Aristotle o Imitation/mimesis o Identification/empathy o Catharsis Box Set 1. Box set = helps audience realize genuine depth on stage; creates a 3D environment and a more authentic illusion 2. Means to physically and successfully get the means the depth of stage 3. 3D set of scenic devices on stage- see characters interact in their world 4. Relationship between self and surroundings Camus 1. Camus wrote essay called The Myth of Sisyphus , calling Sisyphus an absurd hero 2. Philosophical school associated with Albert Camus Albert Camus -poet, novelist, playwright, philosopher -more certain about making sense of ourselves and doing something to
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contribute -father of Absurdist thought Climactic Structure 1. Concentrated plot 2. Few characters 3. Restriction: time, setting, events 4. Linear action 5. 6. 7. EXAMPLES: Hedda Gabler, The Bacchae, Tartuffe, Miss Julie, Earnest Comedy of Manners Comedy of Manners [Wilde]- superficial naturalism Wilde’s Dramaturgy The comedy of manners is a genre of play/television/film which satirizes the manners and affectations of a social class Doesn’t hold conventional mirror but distorted mirrior Shows social flaws with satire Darwin Darwin-heredity-strong focus in naturalistic theatre Demystification Mutually alienating elements, taking magic away Brecht’s Dramaturgy The goal of verfremdungseffekt Dialectics contradictions and inconsistencies dialectics in character o Poetic diction o Slang diction o Not any consistency o Drams attention to play's construction o Breaks illusion o ism o Use of ironies Term from Karl Marx Director oversees creative choices to a set of common goals; tool to help actors realize the more complicated characters First time it’s an individual job by itself- WHEN? Choices and collaborative work
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DRAM 115 Exam 2 Notes - Absurd Anti-Naturalism Aristotle /...

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