DRAM 115 Exam Review

DRAM 115 Exam Review - Drama 115/003 Spring 2011 Exam One...

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Drama 115/003 Spring 2011 Exam One Review plays and notes for an overview of the following: Plays: Basics of plot, character and themes, especially scenes and speeches discussed in class-- Bacchae Lysistrata Hamlet Tartuffe Topics Qualities of Drama and Theatre (Initial Classes) Aristotle’s Elements of Drama Basic Cultural Contexts to Date Theatre Architecture to Date Literary and Performance Conventions of Greek, English Renaissance and French Neo- Classical Theatre Dramaturgical Features of Playwrights to Date Principles of Comedy Film Screenings (as examples of what?) All Vocabulary PRC Production of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches Screening Examples: Exam One (in process) Romeo and Juliet (1936) Romeo and Juliet (1968) Romeo + Juliet (1996) Wall-E (2008) Waiting to Exhale (1995) Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005) Sex and the City (2008) Dirty Dancing (1987) Shakespeare in Love (1998) Hamlet [Olivier] (1948) Hamlet [Hawke] (2000) Hamlet [Branagh] (1996) Vocabulary: Exam One (in process) Akropolis - city on a hill such as Athens, means high place
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o Amphitheatre Massive compared to modern theaters (holds 15,000 spectators) o Consequence for playwrights: Sound projection of the actors Gestures need to be on a bigger scale open-air venue used for performances Greek Amphitheatre o Upward sloping, used modernly for concerts o Built into hillsides, large circular space -orchestra "dancing place" o Seated 15,000 at a time o Behind the orchestra, there was the skene, the scene building o Theatron, "seeing place" seating area o Small cube was an alter to the God Dionysus o Parados, alley ways in and out of the dancing area Aphrodite –Venus, goddess of love and beauty Apollo Ares - Mars Aristotle wrote Poetics; student of Plato; came up with word 'catharsis' Aristotle, Poetics (335 BC) makes first defense of theatre Catharsis - emotional release, what drama and theatre give us breaks down plays into 6 elements, poetics in 335 BC
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DRAM 115 Exam Review - Drama 115/003 Spring 2011 Exam One...

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