Cheat Sheet 3 for final

Cheat Sheet 3 for final - LESSON 7 EQUATIONS-Shield volcano...

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LESSON 7 EQUATIONS -- Shield volcano height depends on how much weight it can support, which depends on how strength of planet's surface gravity. On Earth and Venus where the surface gravities are similar, shield volcanoes can grow to about 10 km. On Mars where the surface gravity is about 2/5 of Earth's and Venus's, shield volcanoes can support 5/2 = 2.5 times as much material, and consequently can grow 2.5 times as tall. Indeed, the tallest shield volcano on Mars, Olympus Mons, is 25 km = 2.5 × 10 km. Terrestrial Planet Physical Data Major Moon Physical Data LESSON 8 EQUATIONS -- Roche Limit : a moon will be ripped apart by tidal forces once it falls within 2.4 times the radius of the planet. Roche limit = 2.4 x radius JOVIAN PLANET PHYSICAL DATA: JOVIAN MOON PHYSICAL DATA FIVE MOST ABUNDANT ELEMENTS LESSON 9: DWARF PLANET DATA EARTH : magnetic field is generated by outer core, convection occurs in asthenosphere and troposphere. MERCURY : 3:2 rotation to orbit resonance b/c of tidal forces and eccentric orbit. Has a very large iron core due to original impact of object Scarps: shriveling wrinkles in crust. Minor atmosphere, hydrogen, helium VENUS : ~ same size as earth slowly rotates backwards (from impact) thick atmosphere. Extremely dry. (no water) features named after women victim of runaway greenhouse effect crust moves across mantle (earth also) MARS : can’t have a liquid metal core extremely low density not many craters, must have atmosphere Northern Hemisphere is smooth and low, resulting from impact. Olympus Mons. Largest volcano in solar system.
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Cheat Sheet 3 for final - LESSON 7 EQUATIONS-Shield volcano...

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