Russian Ark Script

Russian Ark Script - Russian Ark Script Russian Ghost . I...

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Unformatted text preview: Russian Ark Script Russian Ghost . I open my eyes and I see nothing. I only remember there was some accident. Everyone ran for safety as best they could. I just cant remember what happened to me. How strange. Where am I? [Soldiers and ladies entering the Winter Palace] Marie, I must tell you something. Russian Ghost . Judging by the clothes, this must be the 1800s. Where are they rushing to? What if we are denied entry? Ive never been so frightened! Dont forget, the girl in white is mine. Where are you all going? Its cold! Close the doors! Quickly! Move ahead! I went looking for the right way to go. Russian Ghost . Those officers dont know the way. Can it be that Im invisible? Or have I simply gone unnoticed? Can it be? Has all this been staged for me? Am I expected to play a role? What kind of play is this? Lets hope its not a tragedy. What does it all mean? Where should we go? Maybe here? No, its there. Russian Ghost . That man in black he wanders about, tooHe nods to me but goes away. European Ghost . Pardon me for speaking before weve been properly introduced. What city is this? Russian Ghost . What city? Well, everyone speaks Russian. European Ghost . I so hoped this was Chambord during the Directoire period. What language are we speaking? Russian Ghost . Russian. European Ghost . Russian? How strange! I never knew Russian before. [Actors rehearse through a window] Russian Ghost . What are they doing in there? Shall we enter? European Ghost . Where? There? Russian Ghost . Yes, something is going on. European Ghost . No, I have to find out what on earth I am doing here. These wanderings about, this knowing RussianI want to leave. Your curiosity is not amusing. Russian Ghost . Could all this be theatre? European Ghost . Farewell! Our paths must part. Farewell. You have answered all my questions. Russian Ghost . Farewell then. European Ghost . Where does this door lead to? Russian Ghost . What a pity. We will never meet again. He was obviously a foreigner. Why would he be so rude otherwise? Its best not to get involved in this [i.e., in the dramatic rehearsal]. Lets not disturb them. In any case, its much too late. Sir, sir! Im here. European Ghost . My Russian cicerone! Do you know the way? Russian Ghost . Yes, lets go together. European Ghost . This is your country. Russian Ghost . Yes, but not my century. How did I come to be here? I think I saw Peter the Great. [Russian tsar, 1672-1725] European Ghost . I hear delight in your voice. Was it interesting? Russian Ghost . Yes, very interesting. Really. European Ghost . In Asia, tyrants are adored. The more terrible the tyrant, the more his memory is cherished. Alexander the Great, Timur, and your Peter the Great....
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Russian Ark Script - Russian Ark Script Russian Ghost . I...

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