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168 Chapter 27. Solutions: Solving Sparse Linear Systems 2 10 6 4 7 9 3 5 1 8 Figure 27.1. The graph of the matrix of Problem 3. Method Ordering nz( L ) Original: 12345678910 27 Reverse Cuthill-McKee: 15397461028 22 Minimum degree: 28106135947 24 Nested dissection(1 level): 82106493517 25 Eigenpartition(1 level): 13592467810 25 (Note that these answers are not unique, due to tiebreaking.) The resulting matrices and factors are shown in Figures 27.2-27.6. CHALLENGE 27.4. Using a double precision word (2 words, or 8 bytes) as the
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Unformatted text preview: unit of storage and seconds as the unit of time, here are the results: Solving Laplace equation on circle sector with n = 1208 Algorithm storage time residual norm Cholesky 660640 1.14e+00 4.04e-15 Cholesky, R-Cuthill-McKee 143575 7.21e-02 2.82e-15 Cholesky, minimum degree 92008 5.18e-02 1.96e-15 Cholesky, approx. mindeg 76912 1.70e-01 1.68e-15 Cholesky, eigenpartition 90232 4.59e+00 1.86e-15...
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