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Existentialism 8/31 What is existentialism? - Antithesis of Hegel, who believed Reason (god) was what drove people and reality by utilizing individuals - Sartre’s definition o At most fundamental, man is a useless passion because of god o Hell is other people (inautheniticity is doom) These two seem to confuse when compared to existentialism is a humanism o Authenticity is a way out- a realism of existentialism o Works Existentialism is a Humanism 1945 Ethics of Ambiguity 1946-1947 - Existence precedes essence o But what about production of things like paper knife? Essenceprecedes o Other essences- nature, Nietzsche’s Power, will to live, happiness o Although first existence then choose essence, this is limited
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Unformatted text preview: -Choice is freedom of decision in a situation o Facticity- origins, givens o Freedom- to deal with facticity Anti essence essence Essence of humanity-Free will is shown by Anguish o Realization you could do anything- like jumping off a cliff and nothings preventing it o Ex. student who has to decide between mother and avenging Chooses own advisor, cannot escape freedom Main Figures-Hegel-Kierkegaard-Nietzsche-Husserl-Jaspers-Marcel-Heidegger o Arendt-Sartre-De Beavoir-Merlean-Ponty-Camus-Unifying Factors o Importance of individual> everything else o Living your beliefs and ideas....
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