Existentialism 9-28

Existentialism 9-28 - Existentialism 9/28/11...

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Existentialism 9/28/11 Characteristics celebrated and condemned by Nietzsche (handout) - free spirits > herd animals - association drawn with warriors of old (although no longer viable) Beyond Good and Evil - Perspectivism o Approach to truth and knowledge o “no view from nowhere” can see the same thing from different points of view, but no god’s eye view o we are often under the illusion that we have a clear window of what’s going on in ourselves self-understanding perspectival as well ex. Willing- how do we do it? Inclinations and motives aren’t something you invent, they happen to you Aren’t conscious creations Are things we become conscious of - Perspective of other philosophers o Philosophical arguments are just rationalizations of their feelings, prejudices, inclinations. o “Tartuffery of Kant” and “hocus-pocus of Spinoza” - Scientists v. Philosophers o Scientists have a chance of being objective, but nothing about philosophers is impersonal
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Existentialism 9-28 - Existentialism 9/28/11...

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