Existentialism 10-26

Existentialism 10-26 - Existentialism 10/26/2011 Heidegger...

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Existentialism 10/26/2011 Heidegger What is Metaphysics - Science (including logical positivism) abandons the search for nothing o But this nothing is important o Logical positivism- metaphysics are meaningless, eliminating it - Nothing is the agent of nihlation o Nothing nihlates itself (Das Nichts selbst nichtet) o How do we encounter nothing? Through moods, mainly dread (angst) Dread reveals nothing Sense of the uncanniness of the universe o On the basis of nothing, can being come into existence Dasein, existence, is dependent on the perspective that we are embedded/shrouded by the nothing - Nothing is the source of negation, not the other way around o Were there no nothing, we could not even think in terms of nots o When it comes to logic, if it is illogical that means logic is wrong, and subordinate t ther original question of being or nothing o Original= the source, that which springs out of originating source (in German) o Aleithea vs veritas, veritas is truth in where there is agreement in ideas and whatnot. Alithea is to unconceal o wants to get back to ^ (presocratic tradition)
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Existentialism 10-26 - Existentialism 10/26/2011 Heidegger...

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