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Existentialism 11-30

Existentialism 11-30 - Existentialism 11/30 Simone de...

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Existentialism 11/30 Simone de Beauvoir - 1952, Beauvoir and Sartre begin a Marxist phase - When USSR invades Turkey, try to align with other branches o Castro, che Guevara The Second Sex (1949) - Before Marxist Phase, still in humanistic perspective - Studies how social and economic structures can constrict the exercise of freedom - Free will is the fundamental factor of the human condition- Sartre - Ontological vs. social constructed Alterity (otherness) o The other in Being and Nothingness is the inevitable battle of subjectivities o Ex. Walking in the park. You’re the sole person experiencing everything in the park Suddenly, somebody is observing you, and you become part of somebody else’s subjectivity o Socially constructed alterity Us v them o “Woman is define and differentiated with reference to man and not he with reference to her o Males and females are asymmetrical . males are +/0, females are – - Key Theses o One is not born, but rather becomes a woman up until age 12 or so the little girl is as strong as her brothers, as smart, etc.
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