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Histology 10-14

Histology 10-14 - Histology Skeletal Muscle 2 t tubules per...

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Histology 10/14/11 Skeletal Muscle - 2 t tubules per sarcomere - People get muscle bulk through continuous usage o Otherwise their muscles fibers will atrophy (opposite of hypertrophy Cardiac Muscle - Different in that myofibrils are not well differentiated, and only 1 t tubule per sarcomere - Ends don’t fuse to become terminal cisternae, forms diads most of the time - Has a single centralized nucleus, cells branch o Called anastomose o Myofibrils also anastomose - At ends of cell, intercalated disks that hold together adjacent muscle cells o Macula adherens o Fascia adherens (anchor into thin filaments) o Gap junctions o Allow for cytoplasm components to transfer, depolarizations can travel through them o Myogenic- one muscle cell stimulates other muscle cells o Allows for near simultaneous “ba bump” o Are in a zig zag shape - Stimulated by Ca 2+ o Influx of diffusion causes rapid release from SER - Cardiac tissue is never replaced when they die, they are replaced with scar tissue o Heart attacks bad. o Lots of small heart attacks can add up because of culmination of dead cells Smooth Muscle -
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