Histology 11-29

Histology 11-29 - Histology 11/29/11 - - - - - - - Nephron...

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Histology 11/29/11 - Nephron + collecting tubule (=duct) o Filtration in renal corpuscle o Tubular resorption and excretion o Glomerulus and bowmans capsule o - Descending thin segment = squamous o Characterized by cilia, one per cell - Ascending thick segment= distal convoluted segment o Characterized by sparse microvilli o Extensive basolateral folds - Flow into collecting duct o Distinct margins between cells o Cells are mounded o Centrally located nuclei - Bowmans Capsule - Descending loop o Starts selectively absorbin solutes o Water follows through, not through tight junctions but through aquaporin-1 o Cortex remains isosmotic o Solute concentration goes up in outer medulla, lots of water moving out o By inner medulla, no more pumping, membrane doesn’t let sodium permeate - Ascending o Cells impermeable to water o ARE permeable to sodium, so it diffuses down it’s concentration gradient o In outermedulla, inner and outer about 400, active transport of sodium, chloride passively diffuses through channels to maintain ion balance
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Histology 11-29 - Histology 11/29/11 - - - - - - - Nephron...

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