Histology 12-2

Histology 12-2 - Histology 12/2 Reproductive System -...

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Histology 12/2 Reproductive System - Oocytes in cortex - As they mature, they migrate into the medulla - Oocytes are found in follicles, go through progression - Follicle grows in size, oocyte stays the same size o Primordial follicle Formed while female is a fetus Surrounded by simple squamous follicular, Surrounded by basement membrane Surrounded by stroma, thin layer of muscle and connective tissue o Primary follicle Follicular cells grow to form cuboidal cells Layer between follicular cells and oocyte called zona pelucida Follicular cells start to become granular Stroma begins to form concentric sheet, called theca folliculi o Late Primary follicle Follicular cells divide to become stratified, becomes stratum granulosum o Secondary Follicle Antrum - follicular cells develp a rip Theca interna secrete androgen taken up by granulosum cells which develops them into estrogen Theca externa Collagenous fibers Oocyte and granulosa form microvilli, eventually form gap junctions
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Histology 12-2 - Histology 12/2 Reproductive System -...

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