syllabus - Standardized Syllabus for the College of...

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Standardized Syllabus for the College of Engineering COP 5615 Distributed Operating Systems Principles 1. Catalog Description - Credits: 3; Concepts and techniques for efficient management of computer system resources. 2. Pre-requisites and Co-requisites : COP 4600 3. Course Objectives Students will study design principles, computing paradigms, and communication protocols for modern distributed systems and their underlying distributed and network operating systems. Successful students will be able to discuss the spectrum of distributed operating systems, design and implement a distributed system, evaluate a given design vis- à-vis a particular purpose, and apply their knowledge of data structures, algorithms, performance analysis, and protocols to real-life problems in multi- threaded, distributed systems. 4. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component (ABET only – undergraduate courses) N/A 5. Relationship of course to program outcomes: Skills student will develop in this course (ABET only undergraduate courses): N/A 6. Instructor: R. Newman a. Office location: CSE-E346 b. Telephone: +1.352.505.1579 c. E-mail address: [email protected] d. Class Web site: e. Office hours: MW 1:30-3:30 7. Teaching Assistant: Kun Li a. Office location: CSE-E309 b. Telephone: 352.870.4224 c. E-mail address: kli at cise dot ufl dot edu d. Office hours: MTRF 10:30-12:00 8. Meeting Times: T 3 rd period (9:35-10:25); R 2 nd and 3 rd periods (8:30-10:25) 9. Class/laboratory schedule: N/A 10. Meeting Location: CSE-E107 (EDGE Studio A) 11. Material and Supply Fees: N/A 12. Textbooks and Software Required
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syllabus - Standardized Syllabus for the College of...

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