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Team08 - COP5615 Project#3.1 MarkDansoAmoako KashifImran...

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COP 5615 Protocol Specification Project #3.1 Mark Danso­Amoako Kashif Imran Jason Roncek Ahmad El Kouche
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Communication Message description Type Format Server Discovery NewServer­­> AllServers Announce new server Multicast new [MyAlias] [myIP] [MyPort] Neighbor Discovery NewServer­­> AllServers Request Nbor Multicast requestNbor [MyAlias] [myIP] [MyPort] NewServer<­­ existServerA Connection Offer Unicast offer [myalias] [myIP] [myPort] NewServer­­> existServerA Connection Request Unicast connect [myalias] [myIP] [myport] NewServer<­­ existServerA Connection Ack Unicast connAck [myalias] [myIP] [myport] NewServer<­­ existServerA Connection NACK Unicast connNAck [myalias] [myIP] [myport] Alias Collision NewServer<­­ existServerB Alias name collision Unicast aliasCollision [myalias] [myIP] [myport] NewServer­­> existServerA Alias name change Unicast aliaschange [myOldAlias] [myNewAlias] [myIP] [myport] Server Failure Detection User Agent Server­­>UserAgents Send alive message T Unicast alive Server Failure Detection Server
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