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Unformatted text preview: COP 5615 Protocol Specification Project #3.1 Mark Danso­Amoako Kashif Imran Jason Roncek Ahmad El Kouche Messag e description Type Server Discovery NewServer­­> AllServers Communication Format Announce new server Multicast new [MyAlias] [m yIP] [MyPort] Neighbor Discovery NewServer­­> AllServers NewServer<­­ existServerA NewServer­­> existServerA NewServer<­­ existServerA NewServer<­­ existServerA Request Nbor Connection Offer Connection Request Connection Ack Connection NACK Multicast Unicast Unicast Unicast Unicast requestNbor [MyAlias] [m yIP] [MyPort] offer [m yalias] [myIP] [myPort] connect [m yalias] [m yIP] [myport] connAck [m yalias] [m yIP] [m yport] connNAck [myalias] [myIP] [m yport] Alias Collision NewServer<­­ existServerB NewServer­­> existServerA Alias nam e collision Alias nam e change Unicast Unicast aliasCollision [m yalias] [m yIP] [myport] aliaschange [m yOldAlias] [myNewAlias] [m yIP] [myport] Server Failure Detection User Agent Server­­>UserAgents Send alive message T Unicast alive Server Failure Detection Server Server­­>NborServer Send alive message T Unicast alive Server Failure Recovery User Agent UserAgent­­>NborServer UserAgent<­­NborServer Request switch to NborServer Request switch Ack Unicast Unicast switchServer [oldServerAlias.myAlias] [m yIP] [m yport] switchServerAck Server Failure Recovery Server oldServer­­>UserAgent UserAgent­­>CurrentServer UserAgent<­­CurrentServer USerAgent­­>oldServer NewServer­­> AllServers Reconnect to m e Disconnect Disconnect Ack Reconnect Ack Request Nbor (Nbor Discovery) Unicast Unicast Unicast Unicast Multicast reconnect [m yAlias] [m yIP] [myPort] disconnect disconnectAck reconnectAck requestNbor [MyAlias] [m yIP] [MyPort] Search for UserAgent Search for UserAgent Search reply Search reply Unicast Unicast Unicast Unicast search [nodeAlias] search [nodeAlias] searchReply [nodeAlias] [nodeIP] [NodePort] searchReply [nodeAlias] [nodeIP] [NodePort] Search UserAgent­­>Server Server­­>NborServers Server<­­NborServer Server­­>UserAgent Chatroom Ownership UserAgent­­>UserAgents UserAgent<­­UserAgents LeaderAgent­­>UserAgents LeaderAgent<­­UserAgent LeaderAgent­­>NborServer LeaderAgent<­­NborServer LeaderAgent­­>UserAgents LeaderAgent<­­UserAgents LeaderAgent­­>UserAgents Get all alias names Multicast getAliasNam es [m yAlias] [m yIP] [myPort] Reply alias nam es Unicast replyAlias [m yAlias] [m yIP] [myPort] I am the Leader Multicast Leader [m yAliasNam e] Leader Ack unicast LeaderAck Request switch to NborServer Unicast switchServer [oldServerAlias.myAlias] [m yIP] [m yport] Request switch Ack Unicast switchServerAck Leader creates chatroom using proj2 com mands Join new server and chatroom Multicast recoverServer [NborServer] [NborServerIP] [NborServerPort] Get new server and chatroom Unicast getRecoverServer Join new server and chatroom Unicast recoverServer [NborServer] [NborServerIP] [NborServerPort] STATE DIAGRAM – SERVER new START NEW Alias collision Alias collision requestNbor ew Se rv e r REQ N’BOR INIT. DONE OFFER If a ll n Ar e igh e d bo ea rs d If N offer new connect REJECT OFFER Alias collision CONNECT N’BOR DIED DEAD connNAck CONN. FAILED BACK ONLINE GET KIDS CO LLISION connAck GOT N”BOR STATE DIAGRAM ­ USER AGENT START CONNEC T ED Server fails SERVER FAILED NOT IN CHAT IN CHAT switchServer getAliasName GET ALIAS NAMES Reply AliasName SWITCH SERVER I’m leader leader GET LEADER ACK ve r er R e S e co rv ver er leader GET SWITCH SERVER ACK itc hS sw I’M THE LEADER RECOVER SERVER DONE ...
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