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ExtraCredit - NOT have to rewrite a data generation program...

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CIS 4031 – Information and Database Systems I Extra Credit Due: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 This assignment is worth 10 points. Database Creation/Deletion and Data Loading/Unloading Script For this assignment, you must automate the complete deletion of your existing database, the re- creation of the database, and the loading of your data into the database. To earn full credit, all of this must be completed by running a single script that executes the appropriate programs. The script does not have to call the oracle environment setup script required to run SQLPlus on the CISE unix systems ( source /usr/local/etc/ora.csh ), you may run this script by hand. Your script must complete the following: delete all data in the database drop all tables in the database re-create all tables in the database generate data to fill the tables fill the database tables with the generated data The data generation should be done with the program you submitted for Project 4. You should
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Unformatted text preview: NOT have to rewrite a data generation program. You may use any scripting/programming language to complete this assignment. What to turn in: ● Your source code ● If your script can be run on the unix command line, turn in a typescripted unix session showing the successful execution of your script. ● If your script cannot be run on the command line, you must demonstrate the successful execution of your script to me in office hours. This is an INDIVIDUAL project. Each group member must complete this individually and trun in seperate solutions. Be sure you do not work on this in a group. Usefull languages/ tools to use: 1. Bash 2. Csh 3. Tcsh 4. sqlplu 5. plsql 6. Perl 7. PHP I think the easiest approach is to use a combination of Bash and sqlplus. There is a lot of help on the internet for both of these programs. Good luck! CIS 4301 Page 1 3/28/2007 I NDIVIDUAL P ROJECT...
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