hw6 - CIS 4301 (Information & Database Systems I)...

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Homework 6 - Programming Assignment Due date: 04 / 19 / 2010 Submit a soft copy through course tools by midnight No late submissions accepted for this assignment! This homework covers Grouping, Aggregation, Database Modifications, Constraints, and Trigger. Assume that we have a relational database with the following relations. Data is same as chapter 2.4.14, p53~p54 in textbook. Product(maker, model , type) PC(model , speed, ram, hd, price) Laptop(model , speed, ram, hd, screen, price) Printer(model , color, type, price) For each schema, model attribute is a key. Write answers the following questions. A. Modify your SQL schema from Exercise 2.3.1 to include following constraints to the relations above. For each schema, key should not be NULL. A model of a PC, Laptop, or a Printer must also be the model of Product. B. Write an ALTER TABLE statement for the following constraint. The only types of Product relation are
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hw6 - CIS 4301 (Information & Database Systems I)...

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