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Unformatted text preview: GEO 2420 / Section 2296 / Fall, 2006 READING LIST #1 Note: Readings below include selections from the textbook (Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape, 2003) and from other sources. The other readings are available in a course packet from Orange & Blue Textbooks (309 NW 13th St., tel: 375-2707). Additions or deletions in the readings and in the schedule may be made during the course of the semester, depending on current events and other factors. These will be announced in class and/or on the course website. Approximate dates 1. Introduction: Themes of Human Geography 8/23 – 8/30/06 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape, Chapter 1 (pp 3-43) 2. Environmental Adaptation & Modification; Origin of Agriculture 9/1 – 9/11 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape, “Aral Sea” box in Chap. 14 (p 494-495). Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape, Chapter 10 (“Origins of Agriculture.” p 333-335) . Diamond, Jared. 1997. Guns, Germs, and Steel. New York: Norton. Chap. 6 (pp. 104-113). New York Times & other articles Yardley, Jim. “Dam building threatens China’s ‘Grand Canyon.’” March 10, 2004. Greenberg, Ilan “As a sea rises, so do hopes for fish, jobs, and riches.” April 6, 2006. Santora, Marc. “Marsh Arabs cling to memories of a culture nearly crushed by Hussein.” April 28, 2003. Associated Press. “Experts: too many people in nature’s way.” September 4, 2005. Wilford, John Noble. “New clues show where people made the great leap to agriculture.” November 18, 1997. 3. Population Growth & the Demographic Transition; Disease, Population & Social Change 9/13 – 9/25 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape, Chapter 2 (pp 45-81). Websites for population data: US Census Bureau International Programs Center website: United Nations population website: New York Times articles Kolata, Gina. "Model shows how medical changes let population surge." Jan. 7, 1997. Crossette, Barbara. “Population estimates fall as women assert control.” March 10, 2002. McNeil, Donald. “Demographic ‘bomb’ may only go ‘pop’!” August 29, 2004. 2 French, Howard. “As China ages, a shortage of cheap labor looms.” June 30, 2006 Dugger, Celia. “Modern Asia’s anomaly: the girls who don’t get born.” May 6, 2001. Bonner, Raymond. “Bondage’s load: heavy bricks and crushing debt.” June 12, 2003. Waldman, Amy. “Sri Lanka’s young are forced to fill ranks of endless rebellion.” January 6, 2003. Woodall, Bernard. “Thousands of girls fighting on front lines.” Reuters. March 3, 2004. Kristof, Nicholas. “Slavery in our time.” January 22, 2006; “Hitting brothel owners where it hurts.” January 24, 2006. Disease & Social Change Associated Press. “AIDS toll may reach 100 million in Africa.” June 4, 2006. Nullis, Claire. “Dying village underscores impact of AIDS.” Associated Press. October 18, 2005 Dugger, Celia. “Where AIDS galloped, lessons in applying the reins.” May 18, 2006. Mason, Margie. “HIV is spreading via India’s highways.” Associated Press, November 29, 2005. Rosenthal, Elisabeth and Donald McNeil. “Experts sound alarm as bird flu spreads.” February 12, 2006. Slackman, Michael. “In the Nile Delta, bird flu preys on ignorance and poverty.” April 14, 2006. Dugger, Celia and Donald McNeil. “Rumor, fear, and fatigue hinder final push to end polio.” March 20, 2006. Exam #1: Wed. 9/27/06 [date subject to change] ...
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