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ag2420readings-part1 - GEO 2420 Section 2296 Fall 2008...

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GEO 2420 / Section 2296 / Fall, 2008 R EADING L IST (& C OURSE S CHEDULE ) P ART O NE Note: Readings below include selections from the textbook (Rubenstein, An Introduction to Human Geography , 2008) and from other sources. Unless otherwise indicated, the other readings are available through the UF Library electronic reserves (Ares) system (see instructions in separate file). The remainder of the reading list will be posted later. Additions or deletions in the readings and in the schedule may be made during the course of the semester, depending on current events and other factors. These will be announced in class and/or on the course website (www.geog.ufl.edu “Current course syllabi”). Approximate dates 1. Introduction: Themes of Human Geography 8/25 – 9/5/08 Rubenstein, Introduction to Human Geography , Chapter 1 (pp 2-40) Rubenstein, Introd. to Human Geography , Chap. 7 , “Turmoil in the Caucasus” (pp 235-6) Traub, James. 2008. “Taunting the bear.” New York Times, August 10, 2008. (Article 1) McNeill, William. 1991. "American food crops in the old world."
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  • Geography, 1920, 1916, 1925, 1919