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GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2006) A DDITIONAL R ECOMMENDED R EADINGS The following are recommended additional readings that deal with the topics covered in this last section of the course. These will not be included on the third exam. They are for your own interest and are intended to provide further background and information about these topics and recent events in these areas of the world. Articles included below (from the New York Times, unless otherwise noted) include the following: Sultan, Tim. “It’s not the sights, it’s the sounds.” March 17, 2006. Jane Kramer (& Ben Greenman). “Beneath the veil.” The New Yorker online. November 17, 2004. Sengupta, Somini. “Varanasi journal: Braids of faith at Baba’s temple.” March 17, 2006. Perlez, Jane. “Indonesian province embraces Islamic law.” August 1, 2006. Steinglass, Matt. “Why is Nigerian Islam so radical?” December 1, 2002. Masood, Salman. “Pakistan destroys religious school for militants.” October 30, 2006. Zoepf, Katherine. “Islamic revival in Syria is led by women.” August 29, 2006. Bennett, James. “The enigma of Damascus” [selection], New York Times Magazine, July 10, 2005 Keath, Lee. “Al-Zarqawi lashes out at Shiites in tape.” June 2, 2006. Slackman, Michael. “Hezbollah uses influence to jockey for power in Beirut.” November 6, 2006. Slackman, Michael. “Christians struggle to preserve a balance of power.” November 9, 2006. Wong, Edward. “In north, Kurdistan comes first, Iraq comes second.” December 15, 2005. Wong, Edward and Dexter Filkins. “In about-face, Sunnis want Americans to remain in Iraq.” July 17, 2006. Tavernise, Sabrina. “Influence rises but base frays for Iraqi cleric.” November 13, 2006 Roy, Olivier. “Why do they hate us? Not because of Iraq.” July 22, 2005. Cowell, Alan. “West beginning to see Islamic protests as sign of deep gulf.” February 8, 2006. Chayes, Sarah. “Care and feeding of the Taliban.” July 6, 2006 ( NY Times blog) Rohde, David. “The Afghanistan triangle.” October 1, 2006. Krugman, Paul. “The arithmetic of failure.” October 27, 2006. Myers, Steven. “Growth of Islam in Russia brings Soviet response.” November 22, 2005. Chivers, C.J. “Sun and surf, but also lines in the ‘Russian’ sand.” August 20, 2006. Polgreen, Lydia. “Darfur trembles as peacekeepers’ exit looms.” September 10, 2006. Gettleman, Jeffrey. “War in the Sudan? Not where the oil wealth flows.” October 24, 2006. Lacey, Mark. “Beyond the bullets and blades.” March 20, 2005.
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March 17, 2006 (New York Times) It's Not the Sights, It's the Sounds By TIM SULTAN I WANTED to kiss Lori Austin, the waitress behind the counter of August 25, a diner near Wales Center, N.Y. I had been pretending to look at the wall art — a sunset landscape painted on a circular saw — but was actually straining to listen in on the conversation three elderly women were having at a nearby table. I was not having any success. The more I listened, the more
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ag2420recommend-rdgs - GEO 2420(Section 2296 Fall 2006...

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