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S AMPLE E XAM Q UESTIONS : GEO 2420 Note: The following are questions that have been used on past exams, or are similar to questions used in the past. They can help give you a sense of the kinds of questions, both relatively easy and more difficult, that are likely to appear on the exam. 1. ALL EXCEPT which of the following are examples of functional regions, as the term was defined in class (not in the book)? (1) the New York Federal Bank District (2) the regions of the US where Baptists are the main religious group (3) Alachua County (4) the Catholic Diocese of Chicago (5) the country of Croatia 2. As discussed in class, the pattern of diffusion of HIV and AIDS through the U.S. during most of the 1980s can best be characterized as ________ diffusion. (1) relocation (2) contagious (3) stimulus (4) migration (5) hierarchical 3. Situation identifies a place by its: (1) mathematical location on the earth’s surface (2) location relative to other places (3) toponym (4) main physical characteristics (5) compass bearings 4. The main reason for trying to straighten the course of the Kissimmee River in Florida in the early 1960s was:
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ag2420samplequestions-exam1 - SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS: GEO...

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