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GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2006) M AP Q UIZ #2 Note: You will be asked to identify five of the following countries or places on a world map for the map quiz as part of the first exam. The countries are grouped by continents in the list below. A blank map is available at the course website in a pdf file. Bulgaria Brazil Indonesia Democratic Repub of Congo Czech Republic Colombia Kuwait Libya Georgia Panama North Korea Malawi Hungary Peru Pakistan Tanzania Portugal Uruguay Uzbekistan Zimbabwe ****************************************************************************** S TUDY Q UESTIONS , E XAM T WO NOTE CHANGE OF EXAM DATE BELOW Exam #2 will be given on Friday 11/3/06, 4 th period, CSE 119 class room) / bring # 2 pencils (with erasers) Articles shaded in blue below are included in the course reader. The other articles (other than the chapters from the text book) are posted at the course website. The following readings are covered in this exam: Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 2 (pp 72-76). Leonard, Terry. “AIDS toll may reach 100 million in Africa.” AP, June 4, 2006. Nullis , Claire. “Dying village underscores impact of AIDS.” Associated Press. October 18, 2005 Mason, Margie. “HIV is spreading via India’s highways.” Associated Press, November 29, 2005. Slackman , Michael. “In the Nile Delta, bird flu preys on ignorance and poverty.” April 14, 2006. Note: This article will not be included on the exam. Rosenberg, Tina. “Necessary treatments.” September 19, 2004. Rosenberg, Tina. “The revival of a notorious solution to a notorious scourge.” October 5, 2006. 4. Resources & Environment: 10/1 – 10/18 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 11 (“Industrial Revolution,” pp 371- 375); Chapter 10 (“Food supply,” pp. 359-365; Ch 14 (pp 473-507).
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2 Goldman, Abe. 1998. “Brief summary of the benefits, costs, and remaining needs of the Green Revolution.” {Unpublished paper} New York Times Crossette, Barbara. “North Korea appears to be emerging from years of severe famine.” August 20, 1999. Wines, Michael. “In Zimbabwe, even the farmers are going hungry.” February 29, 2004. Semple, Robert. “The end of oil.” March 1, 2006. Bennhold, Katrin. “Nuclear energy is making a global comeback.” October 17, 2004. Ruwitch, John. “Nuclear dreams clouded by cost, waste.” Reuters, April 21, 2006. Bradsher, Keith. “The ascent of wind power.” September 28, 2006. Revkin, Andrew. “No escape: thaw gains momentum.” October 25, 2005. Doyle, Alister. “Wildlife moves to stay cool in a warmer world.” Reuters, August 8, 2005. Rohter, Larry and Andrew Revkin.
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ag2420studyguide2 - GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2006)...

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