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GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2006) S TUDY Q UESTIONS , E XAM T HREE (P ART 2) Copyright 2006 by Abe Goldman The following readings will be included on the third exam. Part 1 of the Study Guide covered the readings from the textbook. Part 2 covers the additional news and other articles or readings. The articles highlighted in blue below are in the course packet; the others are available at the course website) : ************************************************************** 6. World Languages, Diffusion, Change, & Conflict 11/6 – 11/13 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 5 (pp. 147-183). New York Times & other articles Associated Press. “With world opening up, languages are losers.” May 16, 1999. 7. Geography of Religions & Religious Conflict 11/15 – 11/27 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 6 (pp. 185-222). Armstrong, Karen. 2000. Islam: A Short History. New York: Modern Library. Preface (pp ix- xii), “The way forward” (pp 178-187). New York Times & other articles Bruni, Frank. “Faith fades where it once burned strong.” October 13, 2003. Pakistan Fisher,Ian. “Pakistani clerics fight school plans.” August 4, 2002. Gall, Carlotta. “Pakistani legislators approve Islamic law for province.” June 3, 2003. NY Times. “Pakistani court rules against Islamic bill.” August 5, 2005. Rohde, David. “Al Qaeda finds its center of gravity.” September 10, 2006. Saudi Arabia MacFarquhar, Neil. “Bin Laden adheres to austere form of Islam.” October 7, 2001. Grimes, William. “A glimpse of forces confronting Saudi rule.” August 5, 2005. Jihadist movements & Shia-Sunni split Worth, Robert. “The deep intellectual roots of Islamic terror.” October 13, 2001. Gettleman, Jeffrey. “Ancient rift brings fear on streets of Baghdad.” March 26, 2006. MacFarquhar, Neil. “Hezbollah’s prominence has many Sunnis worried.” August 4, 2006.
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2 8. Ethnicity, Nationalism, & Political Conflict; 11/29 – 12/4 Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 7 (pp 225-258); Chap. 8 (pp 261-294). Syria & Iraq Sachs, Susan. “Assad patronage puts small sect on top in Syria.” June 22, 2000. Glanz, James. “A city with 3 chips on its shoulder.” August 10, 2005. Worth, Robert and Edward Wong. “Younger clerics showing power in Iraq’s unrest.” February 26, 2006. Oppel, Richard and Abdul al-Saiedi. “Iraq parties agree to debate federalism bill.” September 24, 2006. Afghanistan, Sudan, & Rwanda Gall, Carlotta. “Killings from Taliban’s era still haunt a valley.” July 25, 2002. Waldman, Amy. “Afghan group, once on top, again makes presence felt.” December 21, 2003 Lacey, Mark. “In Sudan, militiamen on horses uproot a million.” May 4, 2004. Lacey, Mark. “A decade after massacres, Rwanda outlaws ethnicity.” April 9, 2004. Exam #3: Wed., 12/6/06 (Regular class time; 4 th Period) ****************************************************************** Note: You should be familiar with the names & terms that are highlighted in boldface below and in the rest of the Study Guide. Associated Press: “With world opening up, languages are losers” (1) In what part of the world does the woman discussed in the opening of this article live? What is going to happen to the language she spoke from childhood? About what proportion of the world’s 6000 languages are likely to disappear in this century? What factors reduced
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ag2420studyguide3b (1) - GEO 2420(Section 2296 Fall 2006...

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