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The predicted distribution of Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax, for the continental US, developed with GIS and ecological niche modeling About the program Medical geography, an important "new" area of health research, is a hybrid between geography and medical sciences. It uses concepts, methods, and technologies from geography to investigate health-related topics, focusing on spatial aspects of human illness and healthcare. The Department of Geography at the University of Florida now offers a new program in medical geography, complementing its existing strengths in human-environment studies and spatio-temporal analysis. There are strong ties on campus with the Emerging Pathogens Institute and the Center for African Studies, to which many faculty are affiliated. This program aims to develop skills in analytical thinking and hands-on experience for health applications. Students are prepared for positions in private sector firms, government health agencies, and medical research labs, as well as
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MedicalGeographyFlyer - Geography Department Medical...

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