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Unformatted text preview: GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2005) M AP Q UIZ #2 Note: You will be asked to identify five of the following countries or places on a world map for the map quiz as part of the first exam. The countries are grouped by continents in the list below. A blank map is available at the course website in a pdf file. Bosnia Chile Indonesia Algeria Bulgaria Colombia Kazakhstan Democratic Repub of Congo Czech Republic Panama North Korea Liberia Georgia Peru Pakistan Somalia Portugal Uruguay Syria Zimbabwe ****************************************************************************** S TUDY Q UESTIONS , E XAM T WO (P ART O NE ) Exam #2 will be given on Friday. 10/28/05, 4 th period, FLG 220 (regular class time & class room) / bring # 2 pencils (with erasers) The following readings are covered in this exam: 3. Disease and Social Change Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 2 (pp 72-76). New York Times & other articles Diamond, Jared. 1997. Guns, Germs, and Steel. New York: Norton. Chap. 11 (pp. 195-214). McNeil, Donald. “African strain of polio virus hits Indonesia.” May 3, 2005 Dugger, Celia. “Devastated by AIDS, Africa sees life expectancy plunge.” July 16, 2004. Reuters. "AIDS is cutting African life span to 30-year low, report says." Dec. 18, 2003. Wines, Michael. “Women in Lesotho prove easy prey for HIV.” July 20, 2004. Altman, Lawrence. “Modest anti-AIDS efforts offer huge payoff, studies say.” July 5, 2002. Phillips, Michael. “Bush ties money for AIDS work to a policy pledge.” Wall Street Journal, February 28, 2005. 4. Resources & Environment: Energy, Pollution, Climate change, & Food Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape , Chapter 10 (“Food supply,” pp. 359-365; Ch 14 (pp 473-507). (Note: The following reading will not be included : Chapter 11, pp 371-375; “Industrial Revolution.”) Goldman, Abe. 1998. “Brief summary of the benefits, costs, and remaining needs of the Green Revolution.” {Unpublished paper} 2 New York Times & other articles Crossette, Barbara. “North Korea appears to be emerging from years of severe famine.” August 20, 1999. Bearak, Barry. “Children as barter in a famished land.” March 8, 2002. Wines, Michael. “In Zimbabwe, even the farmers are going hungry.” February 29, 2004. Ball, Jeffrey. “Dire prophesy: as prices soar, doomsayers provoke debate on oil’s future.” Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2004. Hanley, Charles. “Experts: new data show global warming.” April 28, 2005. Doyle, Alister. “Wildlife moves to stay cool in a warmer world.” Reuters, August 8, 2005. French, Howard. “A melting glacier in Tibet serves as an example and a warning.” November 9, 2004. Rohter, Larry and Andrew Revkin. “Cheers and concern for the new climate pact.” December 13, 2004....
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Study-Guide2-GEO2420-05 - GEO 2420(Section 2296 Fall 2005 M...

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