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GEO 2420 (Section 2296 / Fall, 2005) S UPPLEMENT , S TUDY G UIDE 1 Exam #1 will be given on Friday. 9/30/05, 4 th period, FLG 220 (regular class Below are study questions for the articles on natural disasters and Hurricane Katrina. The articles are in a file labeled “Hurricane Readings” at the course website, and they will be included on the first exam. Brooks: “The storm after the storm” (NY Times) (1) What three historical disasters does the author mention, and what kinds of things happened after these? What similar kinds of effects does he expect after Hurricane Katrina? Elsner: “Models predicted New Orleans disaster…” (Reuters) (1) What had models suggested was likely to happen in New Orleans as a result of a severe hurricane? What were some of the main problems with the response to Hurricane Katrina? What changes in FEMA after 2001 may have made the agency less effective? AP: “Experts: too many people in nature’s way” (Associated Press)
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Unformatted text preview: (1) What evidence suggests that the world is becoming increasingly unsafe? What has been happening to the numbers of people affected by natural disasters as well as to the scale of property damage from disasters? Is the main problem that more disasters are occurring, or is there another problem? What two demographic factors have led to increased human exposure to natural disasters? What other human activities may also be affecting the impacts of disasters? What kinds of actions have some poorer countries such as Cuba, Bangladesh, and Jamaica taken recently to reduce the impact of disasters? Broad: “In Europe, high-tech flood control…” (NY Times) (1) What event led to a number of large flood prevention projects in the Netherlands and Britain? What lessons might these and others have for the rebuilding of New Orleans? How have the resources devoted to disaster prevention in the US differed from those in the European examples?...
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