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Extra Credit Fair - Two breeds of dairy cattle 3 Two breeds...

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Extra Credit (6 points): Where does your (non-vegan) food come from? Due: beginning of class Tuesday 1 November The short answer is that your food is the result of genetics: not GMOs, but of selective breeding of livestock, one of the oldest forms of genetic engineering. To complete the assignment, please attend the Alachua County Fair (22-29 October in Gainesville, at the fairgrounds near the airport). Learn the names and any special qualities, particularly related to thriving in Florida, of: 1. Two breeds of beef cattle 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Two breeds of dairy cattle 3. Two breeds of chicken, and whether they are layers or broilers You will probably have to actually speak to the owners of the animals to get this information. They’re knowledgeable and generally very friendly. For more information on the Alachua County Fair: http://www.alachuacountyfair.com/ Please attach your ticket stub if you go to the fair. If you are unable to go to the fair due to financial or logistical constraints, you may complete this extra credit assignment by doing research online....
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