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1 PCB 3063, GENETICS, FALL 2011 Instructor: Graduate TAs: Undergrad TAs: Dr. Marta L. Wayne Dept. Biology; UF Genetics Institute Mr. Frank Bouchard OH: W 3 rd th Ms. Kristin Magrini OH: W 7 th th Ms. Krista Larson OH: W 7 th th OH: Tu 6 th th 427 Bartram Ms. Carol Chaffee OH: Tu 6 rd th Mr. Matthew Ciminero OH: Tu 8 th th Ms. Cynthia Lopez OH: Tu 5 th th All TA office hours will be held in 310 Bartram Hall, except for Chaffee, whose will meet 417 Bartram. Course website: Text: , 9th ed. Pearson, New York. Schedule: TR, periods 3 and 4 (9:35 - 11:30), Weil Hall 0270 Description: PCB 3063 is a challenging and stimulating course covering genetics from Mendel to the present. The class will provide students with a solid foundation in genetics either as a stand-alone course or as a prerequisite to other genetics classes offered on campus. Topics to be covered include transmission (Mendelian), molecular, and evolutionary genetics. The course emphasis is on problem solving and conceptual synthesis. There will be weekly problem sets and other assignments in addition to three exams. To reflect the ever-increasing impact of genetics on people's lives, course content will relate genetics to society, ethics, and policy. Grading: 20% Exam I; 20% Exam II; 20% Exam III; 20% Problem Sets; 20% Posters Regrades must be requested in writing, within 7 days of return of assignment or exam. Makeup exams will not be given except under exceptional circumstances. Attendance in class is not required, but material covered only in lecture may appear on exams. Grading will be on a per cent scale (90%+, A; 80%+, B; 70%+, C; etc.); however, a curve may be
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syllabus_policies_F11 - PCB 3063, GENETICS, FALL 2011...

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