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Version: 1.0 Author: PH COP5615 OPERATING SYSTEM PRINCIPLES Fall 2007 Project 3 Date Assigned: October 04, 2007 Due Dates: October 23, 2007 (11:59 pm) for LOCAL students (Sections: 1093, 9333) October 27, 2007 (11:59 pm) for EDGE students (all other sections) Introduction: For many years the Internet primary communication protocol has been TCP/IP which has a very restricted consistency model which may not be suitable for many real time applications such as live streaming applications. UDP/IP was proposed as a much simpler alternative to TCP/IP with much relaxed consistency model where reliability was left to higher layers. UDP proved very useful to numerous applications including VoIP, streaming video applications to name a few. With more and more household getting connected to the Internet everyday and with people using content rich web applications like YouTube and Flickr, the underlying Internet infrastructure is going to face tremendous resource crunch in near future. IP multicast was proposed in late 1980s as an optimal routing protocol for efficient bandwidth usage for group content distribution managed by the network layer. Additional material on IP multicast can be found on line at this link: IP multicast is especially well suited for on line group management. In this project you will be asked to implement a distributed group management protocol using IP Multicast / UDP. You are expected to use Java for this project. Below are the couple of on line resources to get you started: From the earlier projects you already know how to use multi-threading in Java. That concept will be heavily used in this project as well. Problem Description: Secure group management is a very prominent research field in the network security community with lots of issues still unresolved. For the purpose of this project we would implement a very naive group management protocol with very little emphasis on security. Although in a real implementation most of the communication between group members would be encrypted, but in this project we would ignore channel security and concentrate on Multicast / UDP aspect.
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Version: 1.0 Author: PH Manifest constants relevant to this project: Group Member Heart-beat Channel: : 5555 [Group IP : Port] Group Communication Channel: : 6666 New Member Join Request Channel: : 7777 The group management protocol will deal with group leader selection, allowing individuals to join a particular group based on simple majority voting and will deal with a member leaving the group. The leader election algorithm will be simply “
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project3 - Version 1.0 Author PH COP5615 OPERATING SYSTEM...

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