REP-1993-116 - D es ign ingD istr ibu tedSearchS tructu resw ithLazyU pdates TheodoreJohn son P adm ash reeK r ishna D ep t.o fC om pu terandIn

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Unformatted text preview: D es ign ingD istr ibu tedSearchS tructu resw ithLazyU pdates TheodoreJohn son P adm ash reeK r ishna D ep t .o fC om pu terandIn form at ionSc ience U n ivers ityo fF lor ida G a inesv ille ,F l- A b stract V ery largeda tabasesystem srequ ired istr ibu tedstorageforexpan s ib ilityandh ighthroughpu t,wh ich m ean stha ttheyneedd istr ibu tedsearchstruc turesforfastandec ien taccesstotheda ta .Inah igh ly para lle ld istr ibu tedsearchstruc ture ,partso ftheindexm ustberep lica ted toavo idser ia liza tionbo ttlenecks . D es ign ingd istr ibu tedandrep lica tedsearchstruc turesism aded icu ltbythecom p lexin terac tiono fthe searchstruc tureconcurrencycon tro landtherep licacoherencya lgor ithm s .In th ispaper ,w epresen tan approachtom a in ta in ingd istr ibu tedda tastruc turestha tuses lazyupdates ,wh ichtakeadvan tageo fthe sem an ticso fthesearchstruc tureopera tion stoa llow forsca lab leand low-overheadrep lica tion .Lazy upda tescanbeusedtodes ignd istr ibu tedsearchstruc turestha tsupportveryh igh leve lso fconcurrency . T hea lterna tivesto lazyupda tea lgor ithm s(eagerupda tes)usesynchron iza tion toen surecon s istency , wh ile lazyupda tea lgor ithm savo idb lock ing .S ince lazyupda tesavo idtheuseo fsynchron iza tion ,theyare m ucheas ierto im p lem en tthaneagerupda tea lgor ithm s .W edeve lopacorrec tnesstheoryforlazyupda te a lgor ithm s ,thenpresen tlazyupda tea lgor ithm stom a in ta ina dBtree ,wh ichisad istr ibu ted B + tree tha trep lica tesitsin ter iornodesforh igh lypara lle laccess .W eshowhow thea lgor ithm scanbeapp liedto thecon struc tiono fo therd istr ibu tedsearchstruc tures . In troduct ion Ad istr ibu tedsearchstructu reisasearchstructu rethatisstoredacrosssevera ld ieren tp rocessorsthat comm un icateth roughm essagepass ing .Ad istr ibu tedsearchstructu reisu sedtoindexandm anaged is- tr ibu tedstorage ,ortop rov idea locat ion-independen tnam eserv ice .A sd istr ibu tedandpara lle ldatabase techn iquesareu sedto im p rovetran sact ionp rocess ingperform anceinasca lab lem anner ,d istr ibu tedsearch structu resbecom eacr it ica lissue . A comm onp rob lemw ithd istr ibu tedsearchstructu resisthattheyares ing le-rooted .Iftherootnodeis notrep licated ,itbecom esabott leneckandoverwhe lm sthep rocessorthatstoresit.A searchstructu re nodecanberep licatedbyoneo fsevera lw e ll-knowna lgor ithm s[,].H ow ever ,thesea lgor ithm ssynch ron ize operat ion s ,wh ichreducesconcu rrency ,andcreateas ign ican tcomm un icat ion soverhead . W h ilesom ed istr ibu tedsearchstructu rea lgor ithm shavebeenp roposed(seesect ion..forre ferences) , m ostw ork inconcu rren torpara lle l-accesssearchstructu reshaveassum edashared-m em ory im p lem en tat ion (see[,]forasu rvey ) . O nereason forthelim itednum bero fd istr ibu tedsearchstructu resisthed icu lty indes ign ingthem .Am ethodo logyfordes ign ingd istr ibu tedsearchstructu resisneededbe foretheycan becom epopu lar lyava ilab le . Th isw orkw aspart ia llysupportedbyUSRAgran...
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REP-1993-116 - D es ign ingD istr ibu tedSearchS tructu resw ithLazyU pdates TheodoreJohn son P adm ash reeK r ishna D ep t.o fC om pu terandIn

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