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STA 6167 Course Information Spring 2006 Instructor: Ramon C. Littell Office: 404 McCarty C Telephone: 392-3040 e-mail littell@ufl.edu Office Hours: 9:00-11:00 Wednesday Grad. TA Liming Qu Office: 428 McCarty C Telephone: 392-3321 Email LQU@stat.ufl.edu Office Hours: 2:00-2:50 Monday and Wednesday Class Time: Period 4 Tuesday, Periods 4-5 Thursday (10:40-12:35) Class Room: Norman 331 Text: No required text. Notes for first part or course can be obtained on internet. Topics: Regression analysis and analysis of covariance. Design and analysis of randomized block, factorial, nested and split-plot experiments. Analysis of repeated measures data.
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Unformatted text preview: Analysis of categorical data. Objectives: To prepare students with statistical skills needed to plan research projects. To prepare students with statistical skills needed to analyze research data. Grading Policy: A total of 400 points will be possible from three in-class exams (100 points each) and ten homework assignments (10 points each). Letter grades will be determined as follows: A: 360-400 (90%-100%) B: 320-359 (80%-89%) C: 280-319 (70%-79%) D: 240-279 (60%-69%) Homework: Homework problems will be assigned weekly on Tuesday, and are due the following Tuesday. Solutions should be written suitably for collection and grading....
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