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STA 6167 Homework Assn #5 Summer 2009 1. Side effects of two drugs were investigated in a multi-center clinical trial. Patients at fifty- three clinics were randomized to the drugs. Following administration of the drugs, patients returned to the clinics at five tri-weekly visits. At each visit, several clinical signs were recorded, including sitting heart rate, (si_hr). The numbers of patients on each drug at each clinic ranged generally from one to ten, although there were no patients on one or the other drug at a small number of clinics. Also, there were more than ten patients on each drug at two clinics. Clinics (which are designated “inv,” abbreviating “investigator”) are considered random
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Unformatted text preview: because it is desired to make inference applicable to a broader population of clinics. Also, patients are considered random to represent samples of patients from the populations of patients at each clinic. In addition, there is residual variation at each visit for each patient. Let ijkl y be the measure of sitting heart rate (si_hr) at time l on patient k on drug i at clinic j . a. Write a statistical model for the data. b. Perform a statistical analysis of the data to evaluate the effects of the drugs on si_hr over the 12 week observation period....
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