Final-6167 - STAT 6167 FINAL EXAM – December 13, 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT 6167 FINAL EXAM – December 13, 2010 Problem 1 . (70 points) In an experiment to investigate the effect of four fertilizers (A, B, C, D) on the phosphorous content of the leaves of three varieties of apple trees (v1, v2, v3) it was necessary to apply the fertilizer across blocks of three plots because of the width of the applicator. The data are presented in the table below. B v1 17.0 C v3 23.8 D v3 15.9 A v2 17.2 B v3 17.3 C v2 19.2 D v1 16.7 A v3 19.4 Block 1 B v2 14.8 C v1 19.1 D v2 14.5 A v1 19.0 D v2 16.3 C v3 18.0 A v3 17.4 B v3 19.3 D v1 17.6 C v2 14.7 A v2 14.7 B v2 17.4 Block 2 D v3 17.8 C v1 16.1 A v1 19.5 B v1 15.8 B v1 19.0 D v2 17.0 A v1 21.4 C v1 21.8 B v3 19.9 D v3 19.6 A v2 20.0 C v2 18.8 Block 3 B v2 19.5 D v1 16.2 A v3 22.3 C v3 22.4 1. (10 points) Specify the design and treatment structure of this experiment. What is the number of replications for each of the main treatment factors and their interaction? 2. (15 points) Write the linear model corresponding to this model, defining each of its components. Also, construct a dummy ANOVA table identifying each model term and its corresponding degrees of freedom. For the following, assume the assumptions for ANOVA are met. Any reference to “adjusted” or “unadjusted” here are referring to multiple comparisons adjustments. 3. (12 points total) Fertilizer : a. (2 points) State and test the null hypothesis for Fertilizer....
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Final-6167 - STAT 6167 FINAL EXAM – December 13, 2010...

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