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syl2012 - website R can be downloaded for free from the...

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STA 6167 – Section 4454 Statistical Methods in research ii Spring 2012 Tu 1, th 1-2 @ Little 121 Instructor: Dr. Larry Winner Office: 228 Griffin/Floyd Phone: 273-2995 E-Mail: [email protected] (not to be used for technical explanations) Office Hours: TBA (will be posted on class website) Text: Applied Statistical Methods (on class website, and at Target Copy) General Topics (Tentative) Multiple Linear Regression Analysis of Covariance General Linear Model Factorial Designs (Fixed, Mixed, Random Effects) Nested Designs Split-Plot Designs Repeated Measures Designs Logistic Regression Poisson Regression Nonlinear Regression Introduction to Survival Analysis Grading:
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This course will consist of a series of data analysis projects and 3 exams. The projects will count 25% of final grade, and each exam will count 25%. Exam 1: Thursday, Feb. 9 Exam 2: Thursday, March 1 Exam 3: Thursday, April 19 Projects and datasets will be posted on class website. SAS and R code will be provided for all methods covered in the course on class
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Unformatted text preview: website. R can be downloaded for free from the website: http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/ SAS licenses (not permanent, but while you are a student) can be purchased for $50 in the basement of the bookstore or by going to (at least, it was the last time I taught this class): www.software.ufl.edu/sas Notes: • Homework problems will be assigned from textbook, but not graded. • Homework projects will be posted on class website and will be taken up and graded. Projects must be handed in (hard copy), e-mail will not be accepted. • Exams are 2-hour. You may bring a copy of the t, χ 2 ,F table with hand written notes (8.5x11”) • Homework will count 25% of your course grade, each exam will be 25% • Grades are not negotiable. • You may request problems to be worked out in upcoming class via e-mail. I will not give detailed solutions via e-mail....
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syl2012 - website R can be downloaded for free from the...

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