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Introduction to Computer-Aided Animation CGS 3034, Credits 3 Prerequisite: Precalculus - Algebra and Trigonometry MAC 1147 or equivalent Instructor: Brent Rossen Course Webpage: Email: Office Hours: TBA Justification for Course: CGS 3034 introduces undergraduates, especially those within the Digital Arts and Sciences degree programs, to applied computer graphics topics for non–real-time rendered media. The course will not be limited to DAS students and can be taken by anyone who meets the prerequisite course requirement. The interdisciplinary nature of this course stresses the application of computer science and engineering to creative disciplines. Catalog Course Description: Introduction to topics relating to computer-aided animation. Rigging for forward and inverse kinematics. Skin weighting. Morph targets. Expression-driven animation, rigid- body and particle simulation. Goal of Course: Introduce students to topics in applied computer graphics, specifically in computer aided animation. Present standard animation techniques, forward and inverse kinematics, morph targets, expression-driven animation, rigid-body and particle simulation. Course Content Overview: 1. Regular multimedia-enhanced lectures in a CIRCA-equipped classroom 2. Peer critique and Socratic seminars to discuss relevant works 3. Multimedia demonstrations (VHS, DVD, Internet) Required Text: Book: John Edgar Park, Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya (With CD) , Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. 2005. ISBN 0-387-00176
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caa-syllabus - Introduction to Computer-Aided Animation CGS...

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