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Unformatted text preview: Profile-Cast : Behavior-Aware Mobile Networking Wei-jen Hsu 1 , Debojyoti Dutta 2 , and Ahmed Helmy 1 1 Department of Computer and Information Science and Engineering, University of Florida 2 Cisco Systems, Inc. Email: 1 { wjhsu, helmy }, 2 [email protected] Abstract —In this paper we advocate a service paradigm, profile-cast , within the communication framework of delay tol- erant networks (DTN)[2]. This novel approach leverages the behavioral patterns of mobile network users for delivering messages to a sub-group of users as defined by their profiles (e.g., interest, social affiliation, etc.). We study large data sets of user mobility profiles and present a case-study of mobility profile- cast with a similarity-based forwarding protocol. We show that behavior-aware protocol design has a great potential – we reduce the total number of transmissions to 45% of flooding under 92% delivery success rate, or to only 3% transmissions of flooding under 61% delivery success rate. It also leads to shorter delay (at least 30% less) as compared to a random transmission protocol. I. INTRODUCTION Recent years have witnessed significant growth in the adoption of portable wireless communication and computing devices (e.g., laptops, PDAs, smart phones) and large-scale deployment of wireless networks (e.g., cellular, WLANs). We envision that future usage of mobile devices and services will be highly personalized. Users will incorporate these new technologies into their daily lives, and the way they use new devices and services will reflect their personality and lifestyle. This opportunity opens up the door for novel paradigms such as behavior-aware protocols and services. Such services analyze user behavior and leverage the underlying patterns in user activity to adapt their operation and have the potential to work more efficiently and suit the real needs of the users better. One classical example is the online stores (e.g., that provide personalized shopping offers based on browsing history. However, little attention has been directed towards leveraging behavioral patterns for services or protocol design in the mobile communication paradigm. In this paper we focus on a new class of service named profile-cast . In this service, instead of targeting a particular end-point or host, the message is to be delivered to all hosts with a certain property (i.e., those who match with the specified profile are intended receivers). There exist a wide variety of ways by which a profile can be defined. The profile can be based on the user’s interest (e.g., movie- goers or baseball lovers), social affiliation (e.g., students in the computer science department), or other behavioral patterns....
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This note was uploaded on 01/22/2012 for the course CGS 3034 taught by Professor Damkjer during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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Profile-Cast-WCNC-08-published - Profile-Cast :...

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