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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Computer Graphics CS 445 / 645 David Brogan [email protected] Class Web Page http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gfx/Courses • Class lectures posted • Assignments distributed Instructor/TA Coordinates • David Brogan – Olsson 216 – [email protected] • Julian Dymacek – Olsson 233 – [email protected] Prerequisites • CS 216 – You will be writing programs – Non-trivial data structures, pointers • An ability to learn a programming library on your own – OpenGL • Comfortable with matrix algebra and calculus – Basic linear algebra used Text • Computer Graphics with OpenGL – Third Edition – Hearn and Baker Work • Five programming assignments (50%) Five (50%) – C/C++ using OpenGL, GLUT, and UI libraries – Source will be read and documentation is req’d • Three homework assignments (10%) Three (10%) – Intended to support lecture material • Midterm and Final (20% each) Midterm (20% Honor Code • Specific honor code instructions will be provided with each Specific assignment assignment • When in doubt… – Don’t use resources other than class notes and textbook • Typically… – Using examples from the web is a great way to learn and it Using is encouraged… reference what you use reference • Never – Share code with another student or debug code together Topics • Core graphics pipeline – Modeling transformation, viewing transformation, Modeling hidden surface removal, illumination / shading / textures, scan conversion / clipping textures, • OpenGL • Morphing, curves and surfaces, animation • Not a course about graphic design, using graphics Not tools like PhotoShop or Maya tools Impact of Computers Moore’s Law Power of a CPU doubles every 18 months / 2 Power years years Impact of Video Games (Nvidia) Number of transistors on GPU doubles each 6 mos. • Three times Moore’s Law – Good article on Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO: Good http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.07/Nvidia_pr.html http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.07/Nvidia_pr.html Col. Steve Austin Worldwide revenues $7 Billion Man $5.6 Billion Man Retro flashback??? Lee Majors Impact of Video Games But… • Video game sales is roughly same as Hollywood box office • Americans bought $3.2 billion in VCRs and DVDs in 2002 • Total revenues to movie studios is 5 times total video game Total revenues revenues Future of Consoles • 33 million PS2s (in 2002) • 3.9 million Xboxes (in 2002) – MSFT still losing lots of $$ per console • Predicted 200 million PDA/Cell game players in 2005 – Do you believe it? Graphics Applications Entertainment: Cinema Square: Final Fantasy Pixar: Monster’s Inc. Entertainment Final Fantasy (Square, USA) Entertainment A Bug’s Life (Pixar) Graphics Applications Medical Visualization The Visible Human Project MIT: Image-Guided Surgery Project Graphics Applications Everyday Use • Microsoft’s Whistler OS will use graphics seriously • Graphics visualizations and debuggers • Visualize complex software systems Everyday use Everyday use Window system and large-screen interaction metaphors (François Guimbretière) Graphics Applications Scientific Visualization Scientific Visualization Airflow around a Harrier Jet (NASA Ames) Graphics Applications Computer Aided Design (CAD) Graphics Applications Training Designing Effective Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions (Maneesh Agrawala et. al) Graphics Applications Entertainment: Games GT Racer 3 Polyphony Digital: Gran Turismo 3, A Spec Games Circus Atari (Atari) Education Outside In (Geometry Center, University of Minnesota) The Basics Computer graphics: generating 2D images of a 3D Computer world represented in a computer. world Main tasks: • modeling: (shape) creating and representing the geometry of (shape) objects in the 3D world objects • rendering: (light, perspective) generating 2D images of the (light, objects objects • animation: (movement) describing how objects change in time Why Study Computer Graphics? Graphics is cool • I like to see what I’m doing • I like to show people what I’m doing Graphics is interesting • Involves simulation, AI, algorithms, architecture… Involves simulation AI, algorithms architecture I’ll never get an Oscar for my acting • But maybe I’ll get one for my CG special effects Graphics is fun Can we learn from history? Among the studies of natural causes and laws, it is Among light that most delights its students. Among all the great branches of mathematics, the certainty of its demonstrations pre-eminently elevates the minds of its investigators. Perspective, therefore, should be preferred above all man’s discourses and disciplines. In this subject the visual rays are elucidated by means and demonstrations which derive their glory nor only from mathematics but also from physics; the one is adorned equally with the flowers of the other. the Leonardo da Vinci (1400’s) quoting John Pecham (1200’s) Perspective Machines Leonardo Again There are some who look at the things produced by nature There through glass, or other surfaces or transparent veils. They trace outlines on the surface of the transparent medium… But such an invention is to be condemned in those who do not know how to portray things without it, no how to reason about nature with their minds… They are always poor and mean in every invention and in the composition of narratives, which is the final aim of this science science Perspective Lorenzetti • Birth of the Virgin • 1342 Leonardo Leonardo • The Last Supper • 1498 Shape We Labor On… Light Stage – 2002 USC, Institute for Creative Technologies More, more, MORE! Sequence of advanced graphics courses at UVA: CS 446: Real Time Rendering (Dave Luebke) • Building interactive graphics systems (games!) • Right now and Fall 2005 CS 447: Image Synthesis (Greg Humphreys) • Modeling light and materials (Rendering) • Fall 2004 CS 448: Animation (me) • Modeling movement • Spring 2005 ...
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