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Unformatted text preview: CS 445 / 645 Introduction to Computer Graphics Lecture 25 Final Exam Prep Final Exam Monday, May 3rd from 7 – 10 p.m. • Room Thornton E 304 You may use one sheet of notes (8.5 x 11’’) • You can write on both sides of paper Not everything from semester will be on test Material Since Midterm Hearn and Baker • Projection to Canonical View Volume: 7 Projection (subsections with Normalization in the title) Normalization • Color: 12 Class Material • Lighting: 10.1 – 10.16 • Antialiasing Hardware • Texture Maps and Texture Antialiasing: 4.17, 10.17 – 10.18 Antialiasing: • Morphing • Visibility: 9.1 – 9.11 Visibility: • Curves: 8.8 – 8.17 • Making Movies Review – Vector Arithmatic Add, subtract Dot (to determine angle between and length of Dot projection (when normalized vectors) projection • Do math to understand why normalization required Cross product (Right-hand rule) Equations of lines / Equations of planes Distance from line to plane • Point of intersection Review – Coordinate Space Coordinate space • Right-handed coordinate system • openGL camera initialized to look down –z axis Review - OpenGL No significant coding required I might ask you to tell me what a function does • One you’ve used for the projects I might ask you to tell me what order to put the transformation might commands commands Direction of rotations Ordering of polygon vertices Back-face rendering Textures • Filtering, Mipmap, Bump Map, Displacement Map, Alpha blending, Multi Filtering, texturing texturing Review Rendering Pipeline (model, light, view, clip, Rendering project) project) Review Homogeneous Coordinate System • What does w do? Modeling Transformations • Rotate, translate, scale, rotate about arbitrary axis Understand how matrix formed by composing Understand many modeling and viewing transformations effects the vertices of a model and its rendering effects Review – Camera projections Projection to a canonical viewing volume Review - Color • Metamers • Relative changes versus absolute values • Ability to represent all colors • RGB sensitivity • Color spaces – Intuitive spaces, distance between similar colors Review – Lighting Equations • Dependent on what factors • Calculate the reflection vector • Know how parameters affect images • The Rendering Equation Review - Shading Flat, Gouraud, Phong • Improvements versus cost Indirect lighting • Ray tracing, radiosity – Viewer dependent/independent – Costs/benefits – Hemicube • Form Factors – Understand geometry of how they are computed – Understand simultaneous solution of all factors Review – Ray tracing Understand elements of homework • Reflection • Refraction • Recursion Review - Antialiasing Sampling and Quantization Area Sampling (Weighted and unweighted) What is a filter? What Super Sampling / Multisampling Super • Stochastic Supersampling Nyquist Rate How is antialiasing done in hardware? Review – Textures Filtering Mip Map • Construction • Switching between layers • Advantages and disadvantages Bump Map Displacement Map Alpha Blending Repeating vs. Clamping Review - Visibility Back-face culling Manifolds Occlusion (Painter’s Algorithm) Fragments (Analytic Visibility Algorithm) BSP Tree • Multiple polygons aligned on same plane • Construction of tree / traversal of tree • Pros and cons Review - Visibility Warnock’s Algorithm Z-buffer • What is its depth • Pros and cons Review Splines Know how to build M matrix • Hermite, Bezier, B-spline Understand each spline’s G matrix Continuity terms What’s a duck? Uniform vs. non-uniform b-splines Review - Morphing How does the Beier and Neely algorithm work Review – Making Movies What is compositing? What is matchmoving? • How can we automate this? What is a story board? How can we preserve real-world lighting when How compositing digital characters? compositing ...
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