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Computer Science 2984 Computational Thinking Spring, 2011 Instructor : Dennis Kafura Class : 11AM-12:15PM, Tuesday/Thursday, Robeson 116 Office Hours : 10:30AM-12:00PM, Monday/Wednesday, McBryde 122/A Office Phone : 231-5568 Email : [email protected] Web site : www.cs.vt.edu/~kafura/ComputationalThinking Goals This course has three interrelated goals. First, the course seeks to better inform prospective majors about the nature of computer science. The activities in the course explore basic computational structures. Second, the course seeks to engender a set of intuitions, perspectives, thought processes, and mental models that are indicative of how computer scientists view the world and conduct the practice of their work. These patterns of thinking are developed by the discovery gained through exploring a variety of computational ideas. Third, the course seeks to introduce recurring, fundamental concepts and structures – ideas that appear, perhaps implicitly, in several different contexts in the computer science body of knowledge or in several different computer
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CS2984-Class-Syllabus - Computer Science 2984 Computational...

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