101hwk2key - a In the market for SUVs gasoline prices rise...

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Name:_________________________ ECO 101 830 Principles of Microeconomics Homework #2, due Monday, 2/19 1. For each event described below, explain what happens to either the demand or supply curve. (increase/decrease? Shifts left or right?) a) What happens to the demand for fur coats if PETA wages a successful campaign against animal cruelty? Fur coats are less desirable to consumers, so demand decreases or shifts left b) What happens to the supply of orange juice if Florida is hit with very severe weather? Cost of orange juice production rises, so the supply of orange juice decreases, or shifts left . c) What happens to the demand for beef if concerns about avian flu lead to widespread euthanizing of chickens in U.S. poultry farms? Chicken and beef are substitutes. Rising chicken prices will increase the demand for beef, which shifts right 2. For each part below, SHOW the changes in the market on the graph and EXPLAIN what happens to equilibrium quantity and price (increase or decrease?) in the space provided
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Unformatted text preview: . a) In the market for SUVs, gasoline prices rise 25% over a six-month period. b) In the market for coffee, severe global weather systems destroy 30% of the coffee bean crop. With falling demand due to an increase in the price of a complement, both price and quantity fall With the rising cost of producing coffee, supply decreases. Price increases and quantity falls. c) In the market for cereal, the price of cardboard rises. 3. Consider the graph below: a) What type of graph is the graph above? The graph above is a cross section graph. At one point in time it looks at annual earnings across groups based on education and sex. b) Give TWO conclusions can we draw about the graph above (there are many right answers here) Answer include the positive relationship between education and earnings, or that men earn more than women at each education level . 2002 With rising costs of cereal production, supply decreases. Price rises and quantity falls...
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101hwk2key - a In the market for SUVs gasoline prices rise...

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