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ME 3504 VIBRATIONS RGK 3 rd ed. In [ ] Homework no. 1 for ME 3504. For due date, see web page. Problem 1.2 [1.2] Do not work the text problem, do the following: (a) Include a viscous damping to ground term, then solve in general terms, by the undetermined influence coefficient method, starting at Ce λ t and getting the solution in terms of the exponential decay times the A cos, B sin omega-d terms. (b) Now, assume the damping is zero, and apply the initial conditions of Xo and Vo to solve for the A and B terms. Problem 1.5 [1.7] Yes, do this as specified. Problem 1.9 [1.11] (i) Do as stated. (ii) Convert all properties to English Engineering (EE) units of lb m , and lb f /in. Then rework and show all work in detail. note: Slugs are only for units of ft. I do not use slugs in vibration work. Vibration is usually recorded in mils or maybe micron. A mil is equal to 0.001 in. and 25.4 micron equals 1 mil.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1.12 [1.14] (a) Use your solution of Problem 1.2(b) and compare to Eq 1.10. Does your result agree with that equation? (b) Use MATLAB to produce an over-plot of the text problem 1.12[1.14] requested plot of 3 conditions for 2 periods. Put a legend on the plot to identify the 3 curves. Problem 1.27 [1.31] In MATLAB, plot the total solution and then each of the two parts on the same scale as the total solution. Use different line styles. Do not assume this equation is underdamped, it is not in fact. Problem 1.36 [1.40] a) Correct the units of damping to physically correct units. b) Work the problem to determine the percent of critical damping for this condition. c) What is the critical damping amount for this problem? Problem 1.37 [1.41] Plot 5 undamped cycles of response for each curve. Overplot, add legend....
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