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ME 3504_HW_no_2_2008

ME 3504_HW_no_2_2008 - w n by inspection I will draw the...

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ME 3504 VIBRATIONS RGK 3 rd ed. In [ ] Homework no. 2 for ME 3504 For due date see web page The problems as assigned, but solved by two methods. 1.47 [1.52] a) b) please add a torsional spring, K-theta, at the support point of pendulum. 1.49 [1.54] a) b) where, a) energy method to get equation of motion and w n b) solve by Newton's Laws to get equations of motion and w n Do both solution methods, in detail, for each of the two problems to get EofM and then
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Unformatted text preview: w n by inspection. I will draw the above two problems on the board, discuss briefly but not full detail, and change the direction of theta for problem 1.49 [1.54], the rack and pinion problem . Also to be included as HW no. 2 are the following: 1.54, 1.57, 1.59, and 1.68 [ 1.59, 1.66, 1.68, 1.77] as indicated on Syllabus That is HW no. 2 for grade posting....
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