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ME 3504_HW_no_3_2008

ME 3504_HW_no_3_2008 - MATLAB plot the response for 1...

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ME 3504 3 rd ed. In [ ] R. G. Kirk HW no. 3 See latest posted syllabus on course web page for due date. Problems 1.69, 1.72 , [1.78, 1.81] log decrement problems Following Problems as instructed here: Problems 1.73 [1.82] Design work for system parameters Use prob. Ex. 1.7.2, see page 51 2 nd ed. [page 57 3 rd ed.], compute actual stiffness from spring designed in that one. Then make the damped natural frequency 10 % lower than the undamped natural frequency with your choice of damping. Problem 1.76 [1.85] For the 1 meter long shaft, compute the required diameter for a steel and also an aluminum shaft. Then convert the resulting diameter to English units (in.). Problem 1.39 [1.43] solve the equation for x(t) using
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Unformatted text preview: MATLAB, plot the response for 1 period of the undamped natural frequency Over plot the solution for the case of zero damping. Problem 1.81 [1.92] Use the general nomenclature of L for the length of the massive uniform bar, with mass Mb and inertia about the cg of Icg Point mass of m at end of bar as in example problem. Springs of k attached at distance of l ( ie., small L ). One to either side as in example. a) Derive the equations of motion and identify equivalent rotational inertia and equivalent rotational stiffness. b) Find general expression for stable condition. c) For the springs at half point of bar as in stated problem, find the expression for stability That's all. Dr. Kirk...
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