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ME 3504_HW_no_5_2008 - Problem 2.16[2.21 Get the equations in terms of theta and using symbols,m,k l,l 1,l 2 and F(t Please use theta as positive

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ME 3504 3 rd ed. In [ ] R. G. Kirk HW no. 5 ( from Chapter 2): See latest posted syllabus on course web page for due date. Prob 2.21[2.26] optional ; extra credit for a complete derivation and comparison to Inman solution as given by Eq 2.30 [2.38], page 99 [116] in text. Incomplete or missing steps gives zero bonus points. Only if assigned!!! Correct and complete derivation gives 40 BP Quiz bonus points . Only if assigned!!! Pledge this one as your own work please . BPQ Prob 2.21 due as noted on web. See latest posted syllabus on course web page for other HW 5 problems due date. Prob 2.7 [2.7] I expect you to be able to do this one, but it will not be collected
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Unformatted text preview: . Problem 2.16 [2.21] Get the equations in terms of theta and using symbols,m,k, l,l 1 ,l 2, and F(t) Please use theta as positive for F(t) positive as shown note: the bar ( or beam ) is zero mass in this case. Modify Problem 2.17 [2.22] 1) Derive the equations in terms noted plus M b . Icg b The now massive rigid bar or beam has a length of l + l 1 2) Now put in numbers and design the damper as stated. 3) Find amplitude of steady state theta response as stated. 4) What is the steady state amplitude of horizontal motion of the tip mass, yes, x = l times theta. R. Gordon Kirk...
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