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ME 3504 R. G. Kirk 3 rd ed. In [ ] HW no. 6-a change from current syllabus ( from Chapter 2): See latest posted syllabus on course web page for due date. Prob 2.22 [2.27] Solve for damping as requested in statement of problem. Prob 2.23 [2.28] Not on syllabus, but a good typical test problem. It will not be collected. Modify Problem 2.25 [2.30] The stiffness is 2000 N/m , correct this in text. It has 2000 kg as you have no doubt observed. Ed 3 was corrected. 1) Solve for steady state response solution, amplitude and phase. Use the vertical displacement of the end mass as the motion y. Assume down is positive as the force is drawn. Get the equation as equivalent mass, equivalent damping and equivalent stiffness at the end mass with the force as given applied. Assume the rod is rigid and massless. IC’s are both zero.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, assume the system is in static equilibrium to solve for steady state response and to run the transient. 2) Modify your* transient response program to compute the total solution. Just add a forcing function to the acceleration statement . Modify you function m-file for ode45 to include the harmonic excitation force. Yes the frequency is ( 2 pi )rad/s. 3) Overlay the steady state solution, with phase and compute an elapsed time that shows that the steady state transient is correct. Discuss what you see from this plot. Handwritten is fine, just a short paragraph on the plot will do fine. Prob 2.31 [2.37] as is, can it be R. Gordon Kirk __________________________ * Use either your ode45 code modified or write another for Modified Euler or even Simulink will be acceptable....
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