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ME 3504_HW_no_9_2008

ME 3504_HW_no_9_2008 - Prob 5.8[5.8 Compute the forces to...

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ME 3504 HW 9 Kirk 3 rd ed. In [ ] HW for Chapter 5 concerning Isolation Design: See latest posted syllabus on course web page for due date. Prob 5.2 [5.2] Work only if assigned in lecture. We will discuss this in class prior to your working on your solution. Prob 5.6 [5.6] With problem as stated in text but the modification on answers as noted below: part (a) express the answer in microns and also in mils please. part (b) Compute the dimensionless TR as requested. part (c) compute the force transmitted in terms of newtons and then convert to lbf
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Unformatted text preview: Prob 5.8 [5.8] Compute the forces to both the horizontal constrained direction and the flex mount vertical direction. Give both the TR and actual force expressed in newtons. Prob 5.20 [5.20] Compute the weight of concrete floor required. Then compute the thickness of the floor section indicated to have a surface area of 4 m 2 in the problem statement. Express the thickness in meters and also inches. [That was easy] R. Gordon Kirk...
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