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ME_3504_POL_Spring_2012ver to print - ME 3504 DYNAMIC...

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2 ME 3504: DYNAMIC SYSTEMS – VIBRATIONS CRN 14451 Spring: 2012 Randolph 331 8:00– 9:15 AM Professor Kirk COURSE POLICIES AND COURSE INFORMATION Objectives: The broad objective of this course is to apply the science of dynamics to engineering problems. You will learn how to reduce mechanical systems to mathematical models and how to analyze these models to find information about the dynamic properties of the mechanical system. Building on this knowledge, you will learn techniques for designing mechanical systems to have desirable dynamic properties. You will be required to learn and use a standard computer analysis package to solve selected homework problems and the special design homework problems. Prerequisites: ME 3504 builds directly on what you learned in Math 2214, ESM 2304 and ME 3514 . Text: Engineering Vibration, third edition (you may use Custom Edition for Virginia Tech) by Daniel J. Inman, Prentice Hall, 2007. Custom edition 2011 version please . Software : MATLAB Version 5.3 or higher and SIMULINK 3 or higher. References : Theory of Vibration with Applications by Thomson , Prentice Hall, 1-st - 5-th ed. Mechanical Vibrations by Rao, Addison-Wesley, 1995 Principles of Vibration by Tongue, Oxford, 1996; Vibration of Mechanical and Structural Systems by James, et al., Harper & Row, 1995. These texts and others available in the library have additional examples, which may help
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ME_3504_POL_Spring_2012ver to print - ME 3504 DYNAMIC...

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