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Polytechnic University, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering EE3414 Multimedia Communication System I Spring 2006, Yao Wang __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Homework6 (Color Representation) Reading assignment: Gonzalez and Woods, Digital image processing , Prentice Hall, 2002. Chap. 3, Sec. 6.1,6.2,6.3 1. Describe how the cones in the retina behind the human eye enable us to perceive color. What are the different types of cones we have? what colors are they each sensitive to? 2. What color do you see when you project equal amounts of red, green and blue lights on a screen? What about red and green, and green and blue? 3. What color do you see when you mix equal amounts of cyan, magenta, and yellow? What about cyan and magenta, magenta and yellow? what about mixing red, green, and blue in equal proportions? 4. Can you validate the following conversion between RGB and CMY by looking at figures on Slide 11 of
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Unformatted text preview: lecture note (RGBadd.gif, and CMYsub.gif) Cyan = White – Red, Magenta = White – Green, Yellow = White - Blue 5. The conversion between RGB and YCbCr coordinate is shown below. a) Determine the YCbCr coordinate for a color that is specified in (R,G,B) coordinate with R=100,G=200, B=50. b) Determine the (R,G,B) coordinate for a color specified in the YCbCr coordinate with Y=100,Cb=50,Cr=30. 6. Suppose you are given a 24 bit color image, with color components red, green, blue each represented by 8 bits per pixel. Now, we would like to reduce it to an 8 bit image by uniformly quantizing the red and green components to 3 bits each, and the blue component to 2 bits. Illustrate the quantizer that you would use for different components. Suppose a pixel has a color value of (R,G,B)=(200, 150, 40). What is the color after quantization? ,...
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