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Polytechnic University, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering EE4414 Multimedia Communication System II Fall 2005, Yao Wang ___________________________________________________________________________________ Homework 4 (video coding) Reading Assignment: Lecture slides Excerpts from EL514-Multimedia Lab Manual on video coding Written Assignment 1. What is the main difference between image coding and video coding? Why is it not efficient to simply apply an image coder (say JPEG) to individual video frames? (This is what motion- JPEG does). 2. What is motion-compensated temporal prediction? How is it used in video coding? 3. What are the major steps in block-based hybrid video coding? Draw the block diagram of a typical block-based hybrid video encoder and corresponding decoder, and explain the functions of each component. 4. What are the major steps in DCT-based coding for each block? What are the differences in
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Unformatted text preview: coefficient quantization and run-length coding for I-blocks and P/B-blocks? 5. What are the different modes in a block-based hybrid video coder? How do they each operate on a macroblock? 6. Which mode is most efficient for a block that is part of a moving object that has appeared in the previous frame? Which mode is most efficient for a block that corresponds to part of an object that first appeared in this frame, and continues in the next frame? Why dont we use P or B modes all the time? Why is I-mode needed? 7. Why are compressed video streams sensitive to transmission errors? What are some simple ways to make the bit streams more resilient to transmission errors? What are we trading-off when increasing the error resilience? 8. What does scalability mean in video coding? Why is scalability desirable in practical applications?...
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